December 31, 2010

End of Year

Happy New Year!

I always look through my year on this day and here is My 2010, a fabulous year looking back at it, so many things happened in my life, lots of opportunities and I decided to start my blog this summer which I’m so happy I did. I’m very grateful to you guys following me and hope you will in the coming year as well, if it weren’t for you there wouldn’t be much of a point to it right. I wish you all a wonderful New Year ahead and may all your ambitions and dreams come through. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My 2010

– Kicked of with skiing trips to my home city Narvik and I had the best easter I can remember.

– I’ve always loved Goat Cheese salad but I think I broke a new record this year.

– Lots of modeling work came up, some off course more enjoyable then others.

– The year of shoes for me, I know, I’m slightly hocked up on Acne shoes but this year I found others as well.

Summer and traveling, I’ve never been on the road before as much as this year, a romantic trip to a greek Island where I discovered the 5th highest ranked beach in the world, Myrtos, I spent most of my time below the waves. Turkey, a trip with my mum and brother, wonderfully relaxing and we had so much fun. Barcelona, one of my favorite cities in the world, lazy days by the pool and on the beach, followed by late dinners mostly outdoor on L’Acedemia or Sagardi. Laos, a country I visit often, always find peace when I’m there, the people are so lovely and warm and the best food in the world. Shopping weekend to Bangkok, almost drowned cause of the rain. Several trips to Paris, among them a beautiful wedding. The summer in London was also great this year and I soaked it up on outdoor restaurants and parks.

– I wore Chanel Vague a lot on my nails this year.

– My mum visited me under London Fashion Week, when I logged in to one morning I found an image of us of the front, snapped by Tommy Ton, what an honor.

– This year the lack of wardrobe space has sometimes my our home look more like a messy store, no images on the walls, just clothes.

– I turned one year older this year and handled it much better this time around.

Halloween turned into a real trick or treat as I discovered I’d mixed up the dates for the party a little bit too late.

– I’ve met so many wonderful people this year who have become great friends, Johanna, a beautiful Swede is one of them.

– The best investment I’ve ever done was not my Chanel bag or shoe or dress, but my new Nikon D90, never been more happy with anything I’ve bought.

– After a modeling job that ruined my hair early this summer I spent the rest of the year to get it back into shape, thanks to Sergio’s magical hands and his Prosciutto and Pharma cheese I’m there.

– I got offered a great job at Flingly and few weeks after I discovered I was nominated to Vixen Blog Awards, felt as if December was really my month despite the darkness.

Christmas eventually arrived and I was lucky to catch a flight out of London, I enjoyed it in the same procedure as every year, countryside, family, food, Askepott, gifts, late nights and laughs. The last few days of this year I spent in Oslo and have never been so cold as far as I remember, but it was great and the perfect ending of this year.

– This evening will be celebrated out in the London night, just need to prebook the taxis, I’ve always forgot it earlier on New Year’s eve so lets say I’ve learned, at least we get wiser every year.

Have a good one!

Comments (7)

  1. December 31, 2010
    Anne Merete Opshaug said...

    Godt nyttår Hedvig:=) Har stemt på deg. Flinke du er:)

  2. December 31, 2010
    salome said...

    Love this patchwork… ;))
    Great blog ;))

  3. January 1, 2011
    Mandy said...

    Brilliant collage of your year, all the best for 2011 x

  4. January 1, 2011
    ingjerd said...

    Thank u, it was splended.U have been so clever and i´m proud of u. I wish u good Luck and a Very Good Year. Love from your very best fan..

  5. January 2, 2011
    Elen said...

    It is really Gorgious!!!
    Hope 2011 will be even greater and colorfull

  6. February 2, 2011
    Emma said...

    I’m a fan! I just love your blog…. It got the very best of everything!
    I have a question, some of the pictures there are on this collage for example those from Greece, where are they on the your blog? I mean have you posted them in August, September or?
    Sorry the clumsy question, I’m just curious and I wanna read about it, and check out the gorgeous pictures!

  7. February 3, 2011
    northernlight said...

    Hi Emma and thank you so much!
    As I started my blog back in August there are some images used in the collage from the time before I got started. Sorry, but I hope to produce some good images in the future from my travels. xx

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