February 9, 2013

Far away

Sorry for disappearing for a couple of days but I’ve had too much to do privately, my mum visiting and a few last preps for the baby who could arrive any time soon(!!!).
I’ll be missing out on most fashion-week-stuff this February which is for someone, workaholic like me, a little frustrating, but bless online screenings with today’s highlights such as Tibi, Alexander Wang and Altuzarra from NY.

As for my own outfit posts there won’t be many more from me in the weeks ahead, having had my wardrobe totally recycled lately, but I promise I’ll be back for sure afterwards finally fitting into my New life, New ideas and New wardrobe.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!!

Cashmere trousers by Hofmann, new shirt by Dries van Noten, lightweight parka by Acne (similar by Phillip Lim here), boots by Saint Laurent, bag by Proenza and Ray Ban’s.

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  1. February 9, 2013
    Overmycloset said...

    I wish you all the best, I can imagine that pregnancy is not fashion’s best friend, but oh, what a great job you did! 🙂 this post totally shows that!


  2. February 9, 2013

    I hardly even noticed you got “bigger” – never seen anyone so fashionably pregnant 🙂
    Best wishes for the upcoming weeks!

  3. February 9, 2013
    Caroline said...

    as cool as always 🙂


  4. February 9, 2013
    Laura D. said...

    You are the most stylish being pregnant or not. I love that Dries Van Noten shirt, you are looking fantastic as always! Understandable that you can’t post outfit pictures soon and best wishes in the upcoming weeks. x

  5. February 9, 2013
    Charlotte said...

    I think the comments above say it all. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world as a mom to be!

  6. February 9, 2013
    kathi said...

    As a mom of 2 I’m wishing you all the best for everything that is coming up. I love your blog. You are the best looking pregnant I’ ve ever seen.

  7. February 9, 2013
    Sharemychic said...

    No worries, Hedvig. We will patiently await your return to full form! Enjoy this special time. It goes by in a blink. Before you know it the two of you will be at the shows together!

  8. February 9, 2013
    Denisa said...

    You look really amazing and perfect outfit. You look always great. Have a nice weekend.


  9. February 9, 2013
  10. February 9, 2013
    Cristina said...

    I’m pregnant too, my baby girl will be born next month… Wish you all the best.

  11. February 9, 2013
    monkeyshines said...

    simple and amazing!


  12. February 9, 2013
    LeFanciulle said...

    Best wishes for having your baby! You’re still looking as stylish as ever 🙂

  13. February 9, 2013
    siobhan said...

    looking chic as always! good luck with the little one!

  14. February 9, 2013



  15. February 9, 2013
    Melissa said...

    you still look great though! x

  16. February 10, 2013
    Harling said...

    Hi, I just discovered your blog today, and I wanted to comment that I am absolutely LOVING it. It is so inspirational. I’m such a fan of the all the visuals you have here–from editorial images to collages to your own outfit posts. I would love for you to check out my fashion blog http://www.mytomayto.com.

  17. February 10, 2013
    Vanessa said...

    Hi Hedvig!
    Wishing you all the best for the birth of your child. I have loved following your blog and fashion adventures through your pregnancy, you are setting the standard high!

  18. February 10, 2013
    Ragnhild said...

    Hei Hedvig, du ser fabelaktig ut selv om du er høygravid.
    Veeldig inspirerende blogg, er inne og ser her ofte.
    Ønsker deg lykke til med fødsel og babyen.
    Nyyyt spebarnstiden, den kommer aldri rilbake.

    Stoor klem

  19. February 10, 2013
    kas said...

    you look beautiful:)

  20. February 11, 2013
    bellaconscience said...

    Wish you all the best the most gorgeous pregnant woman! you are an inspiration!

  21. February 13, 2013

    Fond of the Dries Van Noten checked shirts !
    “Bon Courage” for the weeks to come, you’ll need patience and a lot of rest !

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