January 4, 2013


If I said I love getting dressed these days I would be lying, I can easily forget about most things in my wardrobe for now, except from a very few jeans, tops and dresses that are sort of being circulated. And while we are at it, telling the truth I mean, it’s not always easy to embrace all changes to your body while your reflection in the mirror is moving further and further away from yourself.
BUT, being blessed with a strong health, a good spirit, and the light at the end of the tunnel coming closer makes up for it all (something I’m being told all the time!).
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and have one or two on me, yeah!

Jeans from Mango, top from Topshop, boots and coat by Isabel Marant, watch by Michael Kors and bag (similar here and here) by Chloe.

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  1. January 4, 2013
    Melissa said...

    You do look great though! x

  2. January 4, 2013
    Maike said...

    But you look really beautiful! Even if I can fully understand your feelings… And I hate this bla bla of mums, friends etc. But you are more than just one kind of woman… and the way back will be there soon. Other girls have more problems to loose it 🙂
    Take care, enjoy (as much as you can, poor you) and good luck!

  3. January 4, 2013
    Liz said...

    gorgeous! love what you’re wearing!


  4. January 4, 2013

    having 2 littles I understand but keep in mind that it is truly a crazy and awesome thing “growing” a little person!!! blows my mind AND you look stunning and fab ….. dont worry you will be back to your full closet before you know it!

  5. January 4, 2013
    ingjerd said...

    I put myself behind the advice from the girl above, you look great:))

  6. January 4, 2013
    Mila said...

    You look very chic 🙂

  7. January 4, 2013
    aubeka said...

    You’re still very gorgeous! Good luck to you and your little sweety.

  8. January 4, 2013

    Oh ! I love this mix with the marinière together with the grey-black hues !
    Have a lovely resting week-end too !

  9. January 4, 2013
  10. January 4, 2013
  11. January 4, 2013
    Denisa said...

    You look amazing as always. Perfect color combination and I like that style. Have a nice day.


  12. January 4, 2013
    Maud Helene said...

    Skjønner at du ikke føler deg helt på topp, men det må sies; du ser helt fantastisk ut!

  13. January 4, 2013

    In the exact same situation as you! I literally have 4 different ‘looks’ I can rotate during my last few weeks of pregnancy. Otherwise, nothing gets past my huge tummy; it’s quite daunting, really. However, you do look lovely & the time DOES past…

    Best wishes!

  14. January 4, 2013

    This outfit is so nice! Love the coat 🙂

  15. January 4, 2013
    iva said...

    u have a divine look !

  16. January 4, 2013
    Linnéa said...

    You look really amazing! Best wishes

  17. January 4, 2013
    Pampelmusea said...

    It is true, that the mirror sometimes reflects an image we don’t appreciate. Because our feelings and self-perceptions are different. As you experience some big changes, it is no wonder that there are feelings of discontent and even anxiety. But if you never risk anything, you can’ t make new experiences and find new sources of inspiration. Take your time and don’t pressure yourself. All the best for you!

  18. January 4, 2013
    Styleclouds said...

    You look amazing! xo, Christina


  19. January 4, 2013
    Sandra said...

    You look lovely! And soon you will be wearing all those clothes again!
    Enjoy it!


  20. January 4, 2013
    monkeyshines said...

    wonderful and simple!


  21. January 4, 2013
    Huyen said...

    you look absolutely beautiful and radiant!

  22. January 5, 2013
    Jillian said...

    🙂 cozy winter outfit and your hair looks fantastic!

  23. January 5, 2013
    Allie said...

    I always love the coats you wear
    xx Allie

  24. January 5, 2013
    CarolineJ said...

    Well, you look amazing anyway !! But i get that it must be really frustrating for someone who loves clothes , and strange to see your body change without having any control on it, even if it is for something as great as a baby !
    I wish you the best !
    Caroline J.

  25. January 5, 2013
    MARJOLEIN said...

    Might not easy getting dressed these days, but you did a great job at it – again. It’s simple, but still very pretty! That bag seems to get better every time I see it…

    Have a good weekend yourself.

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  26. January 5, 2013
    joyce said...

    If I’m going to look anything like you when I’m pregnant, I would sign for it immediatly: you look great!

  27. January 5, 2013
    Helen said...

    I really love this outfit! Best wishes for your baby in feb

  28. January 5, 2013
    Rika said...

    Defenitely know what you are talking about. Im going to give birth to my second child in March. There are only 2 jeans left, which are fitting and two tops in which I dont look like a giant cow. And I`m dying to look like my old me again!

  29. January 5, 2013
    Susanne said...

    Dear Hedvig, you look great. Pregnancy in the last few weeks before due date is a hardure, no denying. I had legs like an elefant in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Good news: Weight loss after birth will be faster than you expect it – especially if you are breastfeeding. I was back in my skinny jeans before I had hoped to be.

  30. January 5, 2013
    Aitana said...

    i love what you are wearing 😉


  31. January 5, 2013
    Tone said...

    Du ser vakker ut 🙂 Som tobarnsmor vet jeg at man ofte ikke synes det selv i den tiden. Og jeg synes det er flott at du er så ærlig om det! Til tider kan det bli litt mye skryting av hvor fantastisk det er å være gravid. Og utkommet er det, men de mnd før det kan være så som så… Så tommel opp for deg 🙂 Lykke til med de siste ukene og den lille:)

  32. January 5, 2013
    Katharina said...

    You look still so beautiful!

  33. January 5, 2013
    mariana vp said...

    you look gorgeus, darling!


  34. January 6, 2013
    Viktoria said...

    you look amazing!


  35. January 6, 2013
    Vanessa D said...

    Wonderfull style!!

    Have a wonderfull week!! 🙂

  36. January 6, 2013
    Martina said...

    Dear Hedvig, I don’t know if I can be of any consolation but if I will ever get pregnant I would like to look just like you!!! Hugs from Rome!!!

  37. January 8, 2013
    Juliane said...

    You look so pretty, simple but perfect!

  38. January 8, 2013
    the rubber doll said...

    hei, nice blog and look! love it!! <3


  39. January 9, 2013
    Cecilie said...

    Gratulerer så mye, du ser fantastisk ut =) Du har mye å glede deg til, men garderoben blir nok bare mindre og mindre 😉

  40. January 9, 2013
    Jen said...

    You will always look gorgeous, no matter what size. But please, remember that looks aren’t everything and the changes happening to your body now are the biggest miracle possible in life – worth much more than all the expensive clothes and great looks you can have. At last, having a baby is somehow the original true meaning for us women, isn’t it. So don’t worry, at least not about your looks! As long as you and your baby are healthy. Believe me, I had a baby in February and it changed everything. It surely made my Celines, Chanels and Co much, much less interesting!!! All my best wishes for you.

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