August 16, 2010

A girl is allowed to dream right?

Earlier this year, in April and May I was invited along with my good friend Kaz for several press days around in London. I was so excited about the next season’s outerwear, cape’s and coats in soft cashmere in beige and camel scales and the shearling aviator’s. Even if the spring hadn’t really started yet my mind was already on the next season despite there was a summer to be squeezed in between. And don’t get me wrong, I love the summertime but there’s something special with September month and the Fall/ Winter collections, a fresh start, blank sheets, like starting a new year in school, a clishé but oh so true.

I know I probably should be tired of this so obvious trend by now like many out there already are but how gorgeous isn’t Burberry Prorsum’s Fall collection, I love everything in it and for me the Aviator above all Aviator’s is the Reserve Shearling Aviator Jacket on the right above so beautiful!

Having that dream said out in the open reality brings me down to earth and I do have my feet well planted on the ground and not up in the sky. But if anyone by any chance get tired of theirs they are more than welcome to send it my way.

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  1. August 16, 2010
    stylemywardrobe said...

    Lovely Blog, you have been bookmarked! Looking forward some fashionably fun read!!

  2. August 17, 2010

    oh i totally agree. i am desperate for an aviator shearling jacket… i’ve had my eye on the acne one – but that is still over 1,000 pounds! eeeek. i need to get myself a job before i can start having proper dreams about that! xx

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