November 12, 2012


Woop woop, Happy Monday Morning and I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend!
On my side my bump is growing a lot these days, and though I know it will certainly get bigger the remaining 3 months I already feel like I’ve swallowed a basket ball, where will this end? Those silhouettes, ala Proenza Schouler, I pictured I would wear this fall feel a million miles away, as fitted just feels the best for now, and the skirts in my wardrobe unluckily don’t come with elastic waistlines (more elastic waistlines to the people please!).

Anyway, here’s what I wore a few days back, my favourite new jeans by J Brand, wool jacket by Hofmann, boots Isabel Marant, wool scarf Ralph Lauren, bag by Proenza and bracelets by Monica Vinader and Cooee.

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  1. November 12, 2012
    THE STEL STYLE said...

    beautiful and simple outfit!!! the tartan scarf is fantastic

  2. November 12, 2012
    Laura D. said...

    You look fabulous, Hedvig! I so love the jacket! And I find the oversize trend to be fantastic, fits you well and makes your belly not really so noticeable! You do look beautiful pregnant! x

    Fashion Landscape

  3. November 12, 2012
    Caroline said...

    i really love these photos, you look amazing ?

  4. November 12, 2012
    Sialsiquiero said...

    We love the Isabel Marant boots!

  5. November 12, 2012
    Norah said...

    I wouldn’t have noticed that you were pregnant unless you hadn’t pointed that out some time ago. Ever since I’ve followed your outfits and this one is the first where I can actually tell that you have swallowed a basket ball or something. What I’m trying to say here is that you are the perfect example of that being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that the woman has to wear leggings and t-shirts all the time, exposing the fact that she’s expecting a baby. Instead, a woman can look super stylish and doesn’t have to show off the pregnancy that much (not that I think pregnancy should be hidden or something but you get what I’m trying to say here). You definitely set a great example! And despite the fact that I haven’t been pregnant myself I’m sure it must be hard to dress accordingly: feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. That’s why I think you’re a woman who can be called stylish for a reason.
    I’ll be definitely thinking of your style when I get to that pont in my life.

  6. November 12, 2012
    Denisa said...

    You looks great and with baby bump too. Have a nice monday.

  7. November 12, 2012
    Maike said...

    you are looking beautiful pregnant 🙂

  8. November 12, 2012
    Fashion Agony said...

    You look stunning and that scarf is so cute!

    Fashion Agony blog

  9. November 12, 2012
    Soulofashopper said...

    love your outfit!!! xo, Alma

  10. November 12, 2012

    This red tartan pattern is really what’s best for this fall !

  11. November 12, 2012
    JOY. said...

    You looks so great when you’re pregnant! Beautiful!
    With Love,


  12. November 12, 2012
    Naomi said...

    You look beautiful, even if your skirts don’t fit you anymore. Congratulations on your little Angel! I’m so happy for you and your family. I am even more happy to be apart of the journey of seeing your outfits even though you feel like you are swollen like a basketball ball? xxx

  13. November 12, 2012
    B said...

    I hope I’ll look this beautiful when I’m pregnant 🙂 And as someone pointed out, you are perfect example how being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean not enjoying your style. You’re stunning!


  14. November 12, 2012
    Logomania said...

    You look beautiful and that outfit is so chic! Love it! xx

  15. November 12, 2012
    Linnea said...

    You look stunning, as always!
    I have to ask, what nail polish are you wearing? It’s gorgeous.

  16. November 12, 2012
    Mira said...

    Great and beautiful look. Love the awesome boots and the scarf <3


  17. November 12, 2012
    Mary said...

    Amazing look! So relaxed and chic. Those boots are to die for!!

  18. November 12, 2012
    thankfifi said...

    you look entirely radiant and love everything about the look – fitted or not you are always a huge style inspiration


  19. November 12, 2012
    iva said...


  20. November 12, 2012
    monkeyshines said...

    fantastic plaid!


  21. November 12, 2012
  22. November 12, 2012
    Theresa said...

    You’re such a stunner and always love how you mix and match your looks! That scarf is a great accent to the whole ensemble!


  23. November 12, 2012
    Diah said...

    You look stunning as a mummy to be! Enjoy while it lasts, because after that…in come the sleepless nights 😉 by Diah

  24. November 12, 2012

    Looking so good !!! Big like for the great chic and simple style..

  25. November 12, 2012
    Styleclouds said...

    You look fabulous! I am in love with your boots! xo, Christina

  26. November 12, 2012
    Ania said...

    I love this look, the scarf makes it alive! I’ve just noticed you’re pregnant! How could I miss that? Congratulations Hedvig ! take care xx

  27. November 12, 2012
    Tina said...

    Nice blog Hedvig ! Looking great : )

  28. November 13, 2012
    Honorata said...

    Great outfit, love what you look like with this simply adorable belly, so inspiring for all pregnant women!

  29. November 13, 2012
    Andrea said...

    i love the scarf! you look amazing!

  30. November 13, 2012
    sara said...

    Great outfit,you look so lovely.

  31. November 14, 2012
    Anna said...

    your cheeckbones just kill me!:))) so beautiful! ypu are pure elegance…

  32. November 15, 2012
    karen said...

    chicest mama-to-be!

    x karen

  33. November 15, 2012
    xx said...


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