August 26, 2010


A bit of a paradox that I’m posting holiday shopping after yesterday’s post but at least I got wiser with the years and buy things I know will be used when I get home from my journey, like this dress, I’m in love with it, from Zara.

Ok, I cannot argument that this one will be used very much back in London but where I’m heading tomorrow for sure, Laos a country between Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia where the humidity is sky high. It’s a necessity to bring along I know by experience and since I came across this beautiful one, hand made with a signature I can argue the cause.

Now, getting ready for the last night in Barcelona, Adios!

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  1. August 27, 2010
    Ingjerd said...

    I’m sure u will need both items. And AS i said, everything suits the pretty One, also the ( viften) . Guess u laugh all over your face now. Vil evt fra den 20. Til d 23- 24 passe?

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