November 27, 2010

The clutch hunt

Images by Tommy Ton

I’ve been looking around for the perfect oversized clutch for some time now. It needs to have that perfect soft leather so it looks a little bit out of shape and more comfy to wear under the arm. I love the Siamese bag from Alexander Wang on top and that clutch the man is holding is perfection. Last week I popped into American Apparel and they do have some interesting alternatives, come in 3 different sizes and a range of colors but it couldn’t keep the shape at all unless you stuff it all full, the hunt continues.

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  1. November 27, 2010
    Kathy said...

    Dear Hedvig,

    Having become rather addicted to your updates and very readable blog I blame you entirely for my lust for a pair of Acne Pistol boots! I am contemplating buying myself a pair for christmas. However I live in Chester, miles from somewhere where I would be able to try them on, I wondered as a bit of a self-confessed Acne aficionado if you would be able to advise on how they size up?
    I’m a generous size 5 shoe (38) usually but have the odd pair of 39 when they size up small, how do Acne size up? are they generous or smallish or bang-on?

    sorry to ask such a mundane question but having tried Google to no avail i thought I’d try an expert as you seem to have quite a few pairs of Acne footwear.

    Looking forward to the next blog update,
    Many thanks,

    Kathy x

  2. November 27, 2010
    northernlight said...

    Hi Kathy and no worries for asking this, I’m happy to help. From my experience of Acne shoes (and you are right, I do have many of them) they are not always accurate in sizing. I’m a typical size 6 but for Acne boots I always go down to a 5, as for their sandals and pumps I always go for a 6. So if you’re a typical size in between 5&6 and are thinking to invest in a pair of Pistol’s I think 5 should be right for you, they are a bit stiff in the beginning but the leather softens and they just become, perfect! Go for them! xx

  3. November 27, 2010
    Kathy said...

    Thankyou so much for that, I am a 5 to 5 1/2 so it sounds like size 5 it is! I will be ordering them tomorrow. Great outfit today too – its freezing here as well. Many thanks, kathy xx

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