September 29, 2012

D for Dior

Woop woop, I’m running way late with posts here, like always during fashion weeks I’m afraid. Here are just a few snap shots from yesterday with a little Dior buzz, will post more later, have a fabulous Saturday!

I’ll try to be more active on Instagram during the day where you can follow me on @hedvigso

Comments (8)

  1. September 29, 2012
  2. September 29, 2012
    The slow pace said...

    Looking forward for new posts and your reviews of all the collections!

  3. September 29, 2012
    Clara said...

    Ohhh dior! <3

  4. September 29, 2012
    SHEWOLF said...



  5. September 29, 2012
    monkeyshines said...

    wonderful captures!


  6. September 30, 2012
    Anna said...

    looking forward to your pictures from paris fashion week…

    please feel free to follow us at:

  7. September 30, 2012
    Mira said...

    Such a strange eye make up never looks great!!!


  8. September 30, 2012
    Maike said...

    Cool, is it a cigarette box? is it just a gift or can I also get it? Cool cool cooooool!

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