April 20, 2012


In courtesy of Céline

Yeah, good news for us Londoners as rumors are saying that Celine will finally launch a store in London after years of limited collections under other retailers roof. The new location is said to be at 103 Mount Street, just a stone throw from Balenciaga (which btw is really worth stopping by, such a beautiful store!), could easily become my new favorite shopping street in London.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. April 20, 2012
    Daniella said...

    Wow thats amazing news! Exciting stuff 🙂

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. April 20, 2012
    Eleni said...

    That’s the best of news! I’m lucky enought to have a celine boutique in Athens but the funny thing is that it doesn’t always provide the full range of the collections!

  3. April 20, 2012
    Blazej said...

    nothing but wait for your first purchase of one hundred three of Celine;)

  4. April 20, 2012
    Sascha said...

    Awesome!! This is phantastic!! The Selfridges Celine concession store is already really great, but this is of course even better.

  5. April 21, 2012
    monkeyshines said...

    stunning chain!


  6. April 22, 2012
    Little Red Book said...

    Love that gold chain link bracelet.


  7. April 22, 2012
    Elisabeth said...

    Har akkurat oppdaget bloggen din, for en utrolig bra stil du har! Og vakker er du i tillegg.

    Kommer til å følge med videre.

    Hilsen Elisabeth

  8. April 22, 2012
    FashionBlends said...

    Love the bracelet – have been lusting after it for a while 🙂
    would love for you to check out my new post


  9. April 25, 2012
    Evie said...


    London needs Celine!

    Londoners love Phoebe Philo- I can’t wait!

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