April 7, 2012


I should have been on a plane to Bangkok right now, instead I’m stuck at a hotel and a rescheduled flight for tomorrow, with no access to my suitcase, help!!!
Anyway, last couple of days have been super hectic and only a few hours before I headed for Heathrow today I styled a last minute hair shoot where I improvised by wrapping the models in gorgeous Scandinavian jewellery and garbage bags, high shiny surface, so very fall 2012.


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  1. April 7, 2012
    ingjerd said...


  2. April 7, 2012

    Enjoy Thailand!! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca


  3. April 8, 2012
    Mario said...

    Have some great holidays!!!
    u should step by at HANSAR in Bangkok, had a great time there during my last vacations.
    All the best Mario

  4. April 8, 2012
    Eleni said...

    Have an amazing time on your holidays dearest one!! I’m sure you’re going to be compensated for all that chaos you’re going through these days! 🙂

    Come back with lots of inspo! 🙂
    Take care

  5. April 9, 2012

    Oh my god! Hope oyu have enough stuff in your hand bag. By the way, it’s a good excuse to do some shopping before your plane is ready to go!
    Can’t wait to see more about the shooting you styled.

    Enjoy your holidays! xoxo

    Julia from http://aboyeur.blogspot.com

  6. April 9, 2012
    michelle said...

    have fun hope you can visit Korea sometimes 🙂


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