August 21, 2010

Bye bye London, for now!

Hi ¬†everyone, it’s decided, in a few hours I’m leaving for Barcelona, then a week Laos (do you know where this country is?) and then heading for Bangkok for a few days. I’ll try my best to make post from my journey and hope to inspire you for future travels.

Strutting down my hood wearing white shirt and leather belt COS, cropped tights underneath, shoes Zara and bag Longchamp

Comments (2)

  1. August 21, 2010
    Carrott said...

    Have fun in my country! And then Laos and Bangkok? Wow, that’s a long trip!
    You have some amazing legs. I’m sure you’ve already been told that but, just wow! xxx

  2. August 21, 2010

    oh man hedvig! sounds like the most amazing trip! when will you be back? can’t wait to see photos from your trip. i’m sure it will be incredible. xx

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