December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas & All Best Wishes

Hedvig Opshaug 24.12.2015I’m wearing a knit dress by Dagmar (also here), Hedda is wearing a dress by Bonpoint.

It’s Christmas and I hope you’re all surrounded by people you love whether you’re celebrating or not. Like every year I’m with my family in the North of Norway where I grew up, no other place is more Christmassy to me than there, and though we haven’t been able to call it a proper white Christmas so far, the magic just happened, and snow is finally falling.

Wishing you all out there a wonderful Merry Magic Christmas too wherever you are!!!

Kisses from me & Hedda

December 17, 2015

The new December…

Hedvig Opshaug 12.12.2015-1

Hedvig Opshaug 12.12.2015-2

It feels like I’m repeating myself every winter, but every year with even stronger reason though, what happened to our traditional winter? We should all getting slightly worried environmentally wise as we all know, but from a pure sartorial and shallow point of view I’m certainly not complaining about the new 15 degrees December month.

Knits as outerwear has become my new December, and the latest specimen to my knitwear collection (an addict!) is this wool jumper by Preen, found at an online retailer I recently discovered, The Cult & Classic, which offers a great edit of just the latter, well picked cool seasonal pieces next to the classics we always look for by well known brands.
However, having the above said I might need to eat my own words any day soon, but until then…

Wool jumper by Preen, velvet flares by MiH (also here), bag by Chloe (also herehere and here), belt by Gucci (also here & here), diamond earring by Orit Elhanati and stud diamond by Stone, boots by Chloe, diamond rings by Monica Vinader and DeBeers.

Hedvig Opshaug 12.12.2015-3

December 9, 2015

Dear Santa

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In the world I was brought up in wish lists hardly existed, you were given what others thought you needed. Most of the time the joy was “almost equal” over a pair of home knitted socks as for books, games and sport equipment. Though I do remember the hard to hide disappointment at the age of 5, staring at my first watch, while my little sister unwrapped the coolest barbie in town, then feeling ashamed afterwards towards my dad’s best intentions.

In fact today I find wish lists quite helpful, and it has saved me more than once when gifting others, having had the person in mind I wanted to treat. So I’ve teamed up with global online retailer, who offers free global shipping until 18th of December, to curate my Christmas wish list of their high level stock ranging from clothing, accessories, vintage and homewear. You can never go wrong with bags, shoes, lingerie, designer knits, scented candles, cosmetic cases, sunglasses, jewellery, furniture and books, to that special someone, do you hear that dear Santa?
Louis Vuitton vintage cosmetic case, sunglasses by Chloe, socks by Marni, lingerie by La Perla.

And whilst you’re at it, in the Christmassy spirit I mean, why don’t you donate towards a good cause or charity organisations close to your heart. This year I’ve picked Children With Cancer UK, but you can find a long list of non-profitable global organisations here. May everyone be merry!!!


Hedvig Opshaug 06.12.2015-1

Hedvig Opshaug 06.12.2015-2

Shapes and hemlines come and go, but I personally like to think I’m rather unaffected most of the time. I keep on repeating my long going love for cropped flares and all things comfortable knitted, cause it’s about knowing what you’re about instead of ticking all boxes. At the end of the day it’s down to great basics that works with everything, my forever mantra.

It would be silly trying to intellectualise the above, there’s no formula for casual flare and feeling comfortable, except get dressed with your heart and not head.
Wishing you a glorious mid week everyone!

Jumpsuit by Dagmar, mohair knit by Ganni, coat by Stella McCartney (also here & here), bag by Guema Barnaba, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood (also here & here), gold and diamond earring by Orit Elhanati.

Hedvig Opshaug 06.12.2015-3