May 31, 2012


Length of dresses can sometimes be discussed, I mean I love my mini’s but sometimes there’s a very tiny line between a dress or top, like this silk top I got last week labeled “dress” in store. With my 5ft 8in the dress didn’t cover enough for me to be comfortable wearing it like a normal mini, especially cause of the light fabric. When something is as mini as this my “trick” is to wear it with cropped leggings, and voila, any wind throw or bending situation solved.

I wore this on a super hot day this week, silk dress from Topshop Boutique, loafers by Acne, watch Michael Kors, bracelet Cooee, bag Celine and Ray Ban’s.

Burberry Fall 2012 Campaign

In courtesy of Burberry

Were you like me a little fed up with Burberry’s recent trench campaigns shot against a white or gray background (though I haven’t minded seeing the hunk Eddie Redmayne on billboards this spring). Anyway, Burberry has finally taken a step out of studio for their fall campaign and the images, which features actress Gabriella Wilde and musician Roo Panes, are instead shot on various locations in London with a cinematic theme, photographed by Mario Testino. Sounds like all the ingredients are there for a cool campaign, but seeing the images I’m not really taken, perhaps the first image got some atmosphere to it, but that’s it, what do you think?
Liking the campaign or not I’m feeling very tempted to bring my own Burberry into daylight again this summer.

May 29, 2012


Today’s shoes, my loafers from Acne, the tassels are a little shorter than the runway version, which I think was a good idea. Though they are quite stiff and hard now in the beginning, I believe the leather’s gonna soften and we’ll become very good friends!

Richard Nicoll for Topshop

In courtesy if Topshop

Bride on budget or just in need of a delicate silky dress without emptying your pocket, then Richard Nicoll’s ‘Blushing Brides’ collection for Topshop might be for you. This dress above is a clear favorite of mine, yours for £170 and will be in selected stores and online 15th of June.


Isn’t funny how we often attach memories to clothes or vice verse? I got these tweed shorts in Paris in early March during fashion week, optimistically I wanted to wear them the following day with the matching tweed jacket. Instead I wore them with black tights, a thick knitted turtle neck, coat, boots and gloves, 2 handbags for umbrella and camera stuff, and I felt like a stuffed michelin man. Though it was a great day back then the memories that got stuck was the bitter icy cold wind and rain. Needless to say that when I jumped into them again the other day it was a totally different feeling, so much more enjoyable, feeling free in the summer heat, and now I’ve deleted my old memory and replaced with my new one!

I wore an old jumper from H&M, tweed shorts by Sandro, shoes by Alexander Wang, sunnies by Acne, plexi bracelets Cooee and bag Celine.

May 28, 2012


Hhmmm, I’ve long time had this canvas bag by Stella McCartney in the back of my head, especially on hot days like this I really don’t want to drag along a black leather shopper. The kitschy hawaiian print would add something to any simple tee+denim look, and it would work just as well in the city as on the beach, ok I could go on justifying it forever, perhaps time to strike (?)

“Looking For The Summer”

Velvet June 2012 by Marcus Ohlsson

Wow, what a fabulous weekend it’s been, London peaking as the hottest city in Europe is a rare happening. Only one thing was missing though, a pool to dip into, hehe, seeing these gorgeous pool party images and video by Marcus Ohlsson for Italian Velvet June doesn’t make me dream less about it. Happy Monday noon!

May 26, 2012

The color yellow

A conversation with a friend
Me: “Hmm, it’s quite yellow….”
Friend: “Yep, no doubt about that ….”
Me: “I mean, it’s really really yellow, in your face yellow…..”
Friend: “Yes, but it’s cute, and your colors can handle it. I could never wear this color myself, my blond complexion could never pull it off.”
Me: “And why’s that? The way I see it that’s exactly what would suit you when you’re blond and fair!”

So I guess I’m not the only one having second thoughts about this color, anyway I finally got convinced to keep this jumper, though I’ve never been a fan of sharp yellows and always preferred the washed out scale. Now, as I’ve already taken a step outside my comfort-color-zone I’m probably soon gonna break the only “don’t” color-mix I have, pairing black and yellow, suddenly I just think it works, and aren’t rules made to be broken?

Yesterday’s outfit when I headed for Friday drinks followed by dinner at L’Etranger, I wore a denim skirt by Acne, new jumper by Altuzarra, bracelet Cooee, watch Tagheuer, bag and shoes by Celine.

It’s blooming

The weather is way too great to stay indoor blogging right now, I’m heading straight out to the sunshine and you should do the same. I promise to do a post later today, as for now, have a wonderful Saturday noon!

May 25, 2012

Highstreet picks

Happy Friday morning folks! I’ve picked up that the summer has arrived pretty much all over Europe, so I guess we’re all minimizing our time inside in front of our laptops in these early days of summer in the extend we can, at least I do. Shopping is not high on my priority list either, but as I’m a little of an addict when in comes to shopping (?) it’s impossible not to keep one eye what’s in stores. These are some favorites of mine on the highstreet right now, yes please!

1. Shirt from H&M, 2. Cateye sunglasses from Cheap Monday, 3. Earrings H&M, 4. Paisley silk dress Topshop Boutique, 5. Link bracelet from J Crew, 6. Leather beaded clutch from Zara, 7. Chain sandals by Mango, 8. Metallic shorts from Topshop 9. Leather lace-ups by Kurt Geiger London

May 24, 2012

All in the jeans

Photos by Shini Park for Editer

Hi Guys, the little denim shoot I did last week for Editer is up, you’ll find it here if you’re interested, along comes a 20% discount at Donna Ida.
I put together 4 casual looks with jeans favorites in store and stuff from my own wardrobe. Top: Jeans by Current/Elliott, cotton jumper by Acne, shoes Alexander Wang and clutch from Cos. Below: Marrakesh jeans by MiH, old printed rock tee and denim jacket from Topshop.

Celine Bags Fall 2012

Images in courtesy of Celine

Beautiful bags from Celine this coming fall, loving the “hairy” chunky clutch in the same style like seen on the gorgeous totes in the pre-fall collection.

Pssst, there’s a chance that Celine among a few other brands will steepen their prices on bags and such this coming fall (did anyone say recession?), perhaps now it’s time to get that classic you’ve been eyeing……

May 23, 2012

“A Therapy” by Prada

Hehe, this short film by Roman Polanski for Prada starring Ben Kingsley as a psychiatrist and Helena Bonham Carter as his poor-rich self-absorbed patient is just too cute.


Yeah, summer has finally hit the town, oh how we’ve all longed for it haven’t we? It certainly looked like so yesterday when I met up with friends in the late afternoon at The Waterway for lagers in the sun, and everyone probably left work a little earlier than normal just to soak up the new season.

I wore my new favorite jeans that I’ve completely fallen for, the most perfect soft, cropped, skinny boyfriend jeans I’ve ever tried on, and I’ve the feeling they are gonna be worn a whole lot this summer.
Shirt Cos, new jeans by Current/Elliott, shoes Zara, bag by Celine and Ray Ban’s.

May 22, 2012

My inspo

Iconic images by various photographers

I’m often asked who’s my fashion icon, a question many people may answer on right away when someone pop them the question. I don’t really have a certain icon myself but I’ve long time found inspiration in British actress Charlotte Rampling‘s femasculine style, topped with her gorgeous looks, especially from the 60’s and 70’s. And oh did she know how to rock an unbuttoned shirt, she just has that nonchalant cool french flair to her.