November 23, 2011


I’ve practically lived in my new favorite skirt the last couple of days, it’s knee length, soft black leather, has a slit on the side and it’s from H&M Trend, best budget buy in a long time!

Just perfect….

Image in courtesy of Celine

Mama mia, today I had real difficulties to turn my back and leave this Trapeze bag by Celine behind in store. A beauty in perfect size with a shoulder strap, the “ears” on the side can be folded in so it takes the shape similar to the box bag, not to mention the great color combo, surprisingly the price was also much less than I thought being Celine and all, to sum up, just perfect…..
Is it Christmas soon?

I want to go back

It’s not even December yet and I’m already hungering for a sun bed, pool and chilling. I haven’t had a proper off-holiday since April and I guess that’s the reason why it starts to sneak up on me early this winter. However I did get a little holiday feel during fashion week in NY, I stayed at the wonderful hotel Dream Downtown, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and though I had busy days it was the perfect place to lean back from the hectic life outside, lobster cobb salad by the pool every morning, oh I want to go back…..

November 22, 2011

Nowhere shoes

Ok, I never buy shoes in PVC, due to the fact they usually don’t last very long, but these look way too cool not to give it another try. Kling’s reasonable Nowhere line launched their shoe collection today and my guess is they gonna sell out pretty quick. I got the Peek Black myself and you’ll find them all here.

Oki, gotta run, just finished a million mails and a dinner out is waiting, Ciao!

Color-blocked knits

Right now I’m craving yet another warm, soft, cozy oversized jumper and I think I’m gonna go for something color-blocked. These are my alternatives but my absolute favorite is the one by Alexander Wang, just gotta be mine.
1. Wool/cashmere-blend knit by Alexander Wang, 2. Mohair-blend knit by Etoile Isabel Marant, 3. Mohair-blend knit by Joseph, 4. Lambwool/angora knit by Topshop.


I love discovering old stuff in my wardrobe for reuse, and these sandals by Whyred, which got a little Wang-feel to them, have become new favorites again. I know my dad would disagree but who said you need closed boots only because temperatures are dropping, to me these work perfectly well as long as the ground is dry.

Images taken by my mum on Friday while we strolled through St. James Park, I wore leather skirt by Alexander Wang, knit cos, blazer Topshop Boutique, booties Whyred and bag Mulberry.

November 21, 2011

The future?

Yeah for technology! According to Styleite.comValentino will open a virtual museum on the 5th of December with more than 300 dresses where you can take a virtual tour where the pieces are organized as in a real museum, by theme and complimented by sketches, ads, magazine editorials and so on.

A virtual museum might not seem such a big thing but this is just the first step (I really hope!) for retailers to follow. Imagine a virtual tour at Netaporter and likes, where you can see every piece and garment up close, in every angle and movement, an introduction from the designer and the story behind. To me that sounds awesome but having that said I already do more shopping online than in the real world.

Anya Ziourova

Like Tomasi Hill, Fashion Director of Tatler Rusia, Anya Ziourova, also has a wardrobe I would be very happy to raid. But it’s not only about the clothes, this girl always gets it so right without overdoing anything and top every look with a minimum of accessories, natural beauty, tousled hair and not a trace of make-up. I snapped her in Paris and she’s wearing Isabel Marant cord trousers and top.

White leather

White + Leather = Yes please! Beautiful stuff at H&M soon.

November 20, 2011

These days

That the weather has been acting a little strange this fall and so far in November sure is confusing when getting dressed in the morning, one day you’re met by comfortable temperatures for the next by freezing ones. Anyway, this is what I wore on Thursday when the weather gods heard my prayers so I left my coat back home.

Wool pants from Cos, jumper Topshop, leather jacket Vibe Johansson, boots Isabel Marant, bag Mulberry, ring YSL and Ray Ban’s.


At this time of year I’m always in need of a good hand creme and these 2 are new favorites of mine but I can’t pick a winner as I love them both. CLARINS Creme Jeunesse des Main 100ml (£18) and OPI Avoplex 120ml (£17).

November 19, 2011

Taylor Tomasi

Don’t have much time to say much right now as I’m heading out the door in a minute for a midnight scary movie, The Awakening. This shot of Taylor Tomasi Hill from my last trip to Paris has absolutely nothing to do with the latter but as she’s a great inspiration to many of us it doesn’t hurt to see her pretty face here, I won’t be goshing about her style, no words needed.
Have a good one you too!


Once again there is this item I cannot let go of, the most perfect black boots by Thakoon, I’ve been waiting patiently to come across them in Europe but sadly it seems like no European buyer bought them in black leather, how can that be? Though they are selling like hot bread in the US, sizes are still available, but I’ve got no clue how they size, anyone who knows?

November 18, 2011


Wow, it’s Friday eve already and I’ve got no clue what happened with this week, perhaps due to my mum visiting and a busy calendar. On Wednesday I spent the day up in Cambridge, such an incredible beautiful town, I will go punting there next summer for sure.

As it was a pretty chilly day and I spent lots of time outside I wrapped up warm, I wore jeans and jumper by Isabel Marant, fur coat by Maison Martin Margiela, boots Topshop, sunnies Phillip Lim and bag Celine.

Virginie Mouzat

I’m not a great fan of either star prints nor polka dots but I think Le Figaro’s Fashion director Virginie Mouzat absolutely rocked both prints in this blouse during fashion week in Paris. This woman oozes sophistication and proves that classic and toned down doesn’t mean boring.