November 23, 2010


At the moment there are some exiting things going on in my life, changes, opportunities and flat hunting. It’s not a secret for those who knows me that I’m not very fund of drastic changes, I can never throw things away and hate making crucial decisions, at the same time I get bored of routines, embrace challenges and always adapt quickly, but it’s always that time before the storm if you know what I mean…..

Taken yesterday in Covent Garden Piazza after a late dinner at Sofra, jacket Zara, pants and knit Whistles, boots Acne, bag Mulberry

4 bags

As you may notice I ended up at H&M today, 4 full bags but to my excuse only a fraction of it is mine, most of it is for my man and presents. But if he doesn’t fit the beautiful coat I’m tempted to keep it myself, I tried it on in the store and loved it, slightly oversized and the perfect length, no need to limit yourself to ladies wear when menswear can be worn in so many cool ways. Did you go and what did you get?

November 22, 2010

Shine & Lanvin for H&M

Stopped by Zara today and these goodies followed me home, a perfect high shine blouse with pockets and a pair of leggings with leather imitation on front side, I always loved the leggings from Zara, they don’t loose shape and last for a while, also tried on a pair of black flared pants but the fit didn’t feel 100%. Anyway, money saved and perhaps a great idea cause tomorrow……

the Lanvin for H&M will be in store and the doors open at 9am (England), I heard roomers that they already started queuing outside stores in London. Well, I’m gonna sleep in my own bed tonight, will you queue or are you tired of all the fuzz? They will have a queue system and hand out tickets, groups of 60 people and 16 groups in all, every group will have 15 min to shop, there will be no such system to enter the men’s collection. If you choose to go be mentally and physically prepared.

Oki, running out for dinner, turkish tonight, mmmm….

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday’s stroll around Covent Garden. I dared to wear a thin jacket which I can say I won’t do for a while now, I’m such a wimp in the cold. I’m already a bit tired of my winter coats and since I haven’t done any big investment in one this season maybe I can allow myself.

Army jacket vintage, knit Next, jeans Cheap Monday, shoes Zara, bag Alexander Wang

November 21, 2010

Cafe Boheme


Scallops, Goat Cheese Salad, Sweet Almond Trout and Tarte Tartin

Cafe Boheme, a french bistro in the middle of Soho, not spectacular, reasonable prices, live music, just a simple place to pop into for breakfast, lunch or dinner, simplicity is just what I love with this place and the food is worth every penny. Like today, strolling around Covent Garden feeling tired and with a huge appetite cause of a late night earlier and then, like so many times before, we dropped by, the dishes above were excellent and accompanied by latino musicians and a bohemian atmosphere, worthy it’s name and worth a try if you’re next by.


Nice things in store in Zara. I’ve been looking around for black flared leg pants and the ones above look very promising.

Saturday eve

Woke up early today despite a very late night out. Yesterday eve was a blast with the most unlikely combination (for me) of activities, I started the eve by dressing up for a little toddler I babysitted for friends. As I knew the little guy is a real fan of bling bling you can say I dressed for him, something that I could crawl around on the floor in, followed by dancing into closing hour in a night club, just to clear it out, I didn’t bring the toddler with me.

Now, daylight and a massive sunday brunch out, heavily needed, ciao!

I wore draped dress Cos, layers of thin chains, shoes Acne, jacket Topshop, scarf vintage, bag Mulberry

November 20, 2010


Yesterday’s outfit, jeans Topshop, silk top Cos, coat Oasis, boots Acne, bag Mulberry

Heading out the door in a sec, I’m gonna babysit the cutest little 1.5 year old boy and head out for a party afterwards, the perfect balance! Have a lovely Saturday eve!

Oxford Street

This is how it looked outside Selfridges on Oxford Street yesterday eve. Everyone who’s been to London this time of year knows how the Christmas atmosphere sneaks upon you on what ever you may feel about it. This year I think they have way overdone the decorations though, more tacky than spirit but outside Selfridges it was still “balanced”.

Lanvin for H&M

On Thursday this week Lanvin for H&M presented their Haute Couture Show in New York. The collection was for sale after the show and the money went to charity.

Among the models were celebrities like Vogue Nippon’s editor Anna Della Russo sporting the little pink ruffled dress and a grey poodle. See the show below.


Jewellery Efva Attling

Silk top Cos

Jeans Topshop, boots Acne Track

Sorry for lousy posting today but I haven’t had a minute for free and my physical shape due to a late night out on Thursday with my fabulous friend Johanna didn’t exactly boost my energy level.

Ended the day with with my dear Julie, grocery shopping at Selfridges and decided (for once) to cook something at home, steak and smoked mozzarella on a bed of asparagus served with an excellent bottle of red, I know, didn’t require much cooking skills but it was more than enough for today. I’ll come back stronger, I promise, with the blogging I mean, no promises for the cooking, as for now, sleep…….

Thanks Julie for snapping, patient as always with my slightly disturbed camera.

November 19, 2010


This morning I did a small modeling job and one of the pieces I wore were these leggings and I completely fell for them, from Blank.

November 18, 2010

If you didn’t know already has up to 60% off on Alexander Wang and there are still some goodies left I wouldn’t mind clicking home, unfortunately I’ve put my self on a shopping-stop-diet for now.

Asian Beauty

Estee Lauder’s new faces, Siu Wen & Constance Jablonski

Not long ago Liu Wen was announced to be Estee Lauder’s first Asian spokesperson alongside Constance Jablonski. Later on Maybelline announced another Chinese model Shu Pei to be the face of their brand. During the last global fashion week the use of Asian models has increased and several luxury brands casted more Asian models than ever before.

Siu Pei for Proenza Schouler Spring 2011

Vogue has largely ignored the use of Asian models in the past but in Vogue US December issue eight Asian models are featured and according to the magazine they are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty” in the 2 page spread photographed by Steven Meisel.

Vogue US December 2010

Why took so long and why right now? Well, who knows, Asian economy and consumer luxury spending are growing which might have forced the fashion and beauty industry to have a rethink or perhaps they just woke up one day and suddenly realized what Asian beauty was about. For whatever reason underlying it was really about time and I’m hoping it’s not just a trend all forgotten by next season.

You can read more in The Cut.

November 17, 2010

I refuse

As I’ve mentioned I had to “dress” up today, not for a party, fashion event or so, but for a very conservative company. Despite the seriousness of it all I still wanted to feel like me and ended up in my short velour dress after all. While I was staring at my wardrobe this morning I got flashback to my days in banking wearing suit and an inner voice saying no, no, no……

Dress Cos, coat H&M, shoes Acne, purse Benetton and one earring from SNÖ of Sweden, a dear present from my little sister, thanks søss!