October 31, 2010


Just got home after seeing The Social Network, an interesting movie about the creation of Facebook, based on such a simple idea that didn’t require the most sophisticated programming skills to put into life, I could bang my head into the wall asking why I didn’t come up with it myself and that goes for many of my “geek” friends, I guess we just have to invent something else…..

This week there are press days coming up, first stop tomorrow Armani so good night everyone!

Coat H&M, shirt Alexander McQueen, leather pants Topshop, bots Acne, bag Mulberry, jewellery Efva Attling

Dr. Zhivago

Yesterday I strolled around Old Bond Street, enjoyed my favorite crepe in the sunshine and grocery shopping at Selfridges. The day ended up far away from a Halloween party, I spent a lovely evening at home watching Dr Zhivago until 4am, oh I love that movie but such a tragic ending to it. In fact that’s the case of most of most of my favorite movies, they all end up in some sort of tragedy, someone said that only unfulfilled love can be romantic and apparently that attracts me on the screen.

Coat H&M, jeans Cheap Monday, boots Acne, bag Mulberry and Ray Ban’s

October 30, 2010

Numero Tokyo December 2010

I love the styling by Akari Endo-Gaut of Karolina Kurkova for Numero Tokyo December 2010, photographed by Alex Cayley where she shows of looks from Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior and the most gorgeous burgundy coat from Lanvin. If I was a blond I would have gone for the tone of her hair, beautiful!

Trick or treat?

I’ve been planning to go to a Halloween party this weekend and was pretty sure until yesterday eve while dining in a restaurant that the party was today, I was wrong, mixed up the dates once again, so we missed the party but I’m pretty sure there’s another one coming up tonight and if not Friday eve was a perfect as it could have been.

New coat H&M, shoes Topshop, bag Mulberry


I’m not one of those girls who get my nails done in a saloon, always done it myself so I’ve probably tried everything out there, the best top coat by miles is the Minute Quick Finish from Mavala and I’ve used it for ages, stays like a rock and doesn’t cost very much. Unfortunately there’s only one place in London who sells it as far as I know (Bliss Pharmacy), yesterday I went for a refill and spotted this new color, 155 Bronze Green, THE color I’ve been looking for.

October 29, 2010

A touch of pink

I met up with sweet Sarah in High Street Kensington today for a girlie talk, pruscetto, espresso and halloween chocolate. On by way home I stopped by John Lewis and got some fabrics, this year I’ll try to make my own halloween mask, in theory it should work but we’ll see how it works out in real life.

As I’ve promoted people to wear pink today I did my contribution to it as well, or at least I tried, this morning when I opened my wardrobe I realized there was only 3 item in there in a pink scale so I’m definitely not a “pink girl”, I found this silk top from Matthew Williamson for H&M some seasons ago, result not so exiting I know.

Pants Whistles, jacket Topshop, boots Acne, bag Mulberry


Robyn ‘Indestructible’ Official Video

Robyn | Myspace Music Videos

I can’t get this Robyn song out of my head, and now the official video is out, this swedish artist has always been so cool, perfect to warm up the weekend.

October 28, 2010


I just klicked home these beauties from Zara, hope they are as gorgeous in real life as they look and hopefully I can walk in them. Zara started their online store a few months ago, to UK and a few more countries in case you didn’t know.

There are some interesting press days coming up next week so it doesn’t hurt much that this week feels a bit slow. In a minute I’m heading out to buy some DVD’s and thai-take-away, dvd’s night home tonight, wonderful!!!!

PS: Remember tomorrow is Wear it Pink Day

Wednesday eve

I had a great late dinner out at Yauatcha yesterday, not only to they have the best dim sum in London but also their desserts are heavenly and light accompanied with asian flavoured ice cream and sorbets like ginger, green tea and lemongrass, mmmm….

I wore my new silver knit from Whistles, skirt Acne, jacket Topshop, shoes Cos, bag Mulberry

October 27, 2010

Beautiful girls

Kate Moss will launch her next collection for Topshop 2’nd of November and is said to be the last after 14 collections for Topshop. You kind of get that feeling when you watch this speak peak video of the collection, instead of taking a bigger role herself she’s in the background, observing and directing the younger girls playing dress-up in her wardrobe. The collection will be available in stores and online from November 2’nd.

Ok, gotta get ready for a dinner at one of my favorite places Yauatcha, have a lovely eve!


Wow, what happened, today has been such a warm day, I’m happy I left my fur waistcoat at home, I would have melted away, hope this lasts a loooong time!

The photographer tried to experiment here, a very strange angle, neither horizontal or vertical, for me who are addicted to straight lines, it’s quite disturbing.

Jeans Cheap Monday, knit Next, leather jacket Topshop, scarf Cos, boots Acne, bag Mulberry and Ray Ban’s

Vogue Nippon December

Alessandra Ambrosio appears in the December issue of Vogue Nippon, styled by Anna Dello Russo & photographed by Giampaolo Sgura in a seventies rock luxe style, there you have it, metallics again………


Oh, I already long for those bare legged days and winter hasn’t yet started, I would love to wear thigh high socks right now to extend the fall with bare legs and sandals but honestly it’s not for the climate in the northern hemisphere. I haven’t used my vintage Burberry trench much lately and now when I finally feel like I’ll probably freeze to death, think you can call that completely out of sync, anyway if you want to see the art of trench or upload your own idea of it click here.

October 26, 2010

Whistles & Lord Sugar

Today I’ve been pretty much without my Macbook, so not much posting but now it’s back into my hands with a new screen and I can breathe again. I take my hat off for the people in the Covent Garden Apple store who helped me so quickly, I assume they spotted my beginning panic attack. While I was hanging around in the store I watched Lord Sugar promoting his self biography and had quite a laugh when he was asked question by the young audience, like “what did you do to deserve the title lord?” Anyway if you don’t know who Lord Sugar is, never mind, I think he’s hardly known outside UK, the british and “smaller” equivalence to Donald Trump.

Oh there was so much nice at Whistles today, I’m into metallics these days and found this cute silver knit, a pair of pants and a khaki hoodie/scarf.

5 cool pants

A brand I really start to like is Whistles, I didn’t use to but they’ve had a facelift and grown on me lately, the quality and fabrics of their stuff are excellent with a bit of edge, like these pants above, just perfect, hope to drop by later today and see what’s new in store but first I need an emergency stop by Apple, medical care for my MacBook, broken screen……..

PS: Whistles have the full collection online and ship to most countries in Europe