September 22, 2010


I spent the the with my mother mostly at the Somerset House, looking through the exhibitions and lucky as we were the sun was shining on us the whole day and temperatures just got warmer and warmer. We had a long and great brunch on the terrace of the Somerset House in the sunshine, next to the Thames, a perfect place to soak up what’s left of this extended summer and on days when fashion week is not around I find this place as one of the most beautiful buildings in London.

What happened later in the day I’ll post about later.

Cheese plate and Chabli

Skirt Whistles, silk blouse Zara, knitted cardigan Dagmar, shoes Acne and bag Biasa

September 21, 2010

The Pyramora

The british and ethical designer Ada Zanditon presented her Spring/Summer Collection 2011 called ‘The Pyramora’ yesterday at  the Victoria House. A quite unknown designer to me so I really didn’t know what to expect but when I read through the idea and thoughts around this collection there was something that caught my interest, words like geometry, architecturally cut, pyramid structures and mathematical exploration, this was the right place for me, 2 interests of mine combined, fashion and mathematics, and yes, I do have a degree in math.

Summed up it was a beautiful show where all the references above suddenly made sense, Egyptian pyramids formation throughout the whole collection, the details on the dresses and hair and the models also moved in a triangular choreography. Images are taken by me with my little pocket camera, sadly the avant-garde dress in metallic brown that almost made me loose my breath came out blurry so not included above but hopefully I will have time during the day to snap it at Esthetica.

The collection will be shown at Rendes-Vous Femme in Paris, from 1st-4th October for those of you there.

September 20, 2010


Today I went to Ada Zanditon Spring/Summer  2011 presentation which was a beautiful event and even with my camera I managed to get some ok images from the show, I’ll post about it later.

Right now I’m preparing for my fabulous mum who’s coming to visit for a few days and soak up whats left of Fashion Week. I need to run to my nearest Tesco and fill up the fridge, I think last time there was something close to a Norwegian standard filled up fridge in my kitchen was in July when my brother visited. Gotta run!

Dress Zara, leather jacket Topshop, hoodie neck H&M, boots Acne and bag Biasa

Acne LFW

Images by

Acne presented their Spring/Summer Collection 2011 yesterday in a small venue at Princess Margaret’s former apartment in Kensington Palace. This is one of my personal favorite brands and everyone who knows me probably picked up on that one by now.

I do have to admit I’m a bit disappointed, nothing really revolutionary or big surprises but Jonny Johansson also said this about his collection “Nothing retro, no references,” on the other side that’s also why I love their design, where each piece shine with the simplicity and can so easily be put together to your own style. 

The highlight for me was the red pieces, a fresh breeze into a collection that mainly consisted of black, nudes and neutrals, see the whole collection here

September 19, 2010

Day 3

Caesar salad, truffle chips, salmon salad and a good bottle of white

I woke up late today being tired from the last few days. Met up with Kaz and my man and relaxed with a late outdoor Sunday brunch at the terrace of Somerset House and I enjoyed walking around at the Exhibition where they showcase ready to wear designs Spring/Summer 2011, one of my favorite Scandinavian brands where there, Minimarket

I love these boots!


Day 2 of LFW, this is what I was wearing earlier in the day before I had to run off again. Cape Cos, leather shorts and shirt Topshop Boutique, bag Prada and heels Acne

September 18, 2010

LFW day 1

Images by Fashion

Oh, yesterday a busy  day indeed, got home late after spending the whole day in high heels and today it continues. I went to Caroline Charles Spring/Summer 2011 show and it was great, lovely range of colors and playful elegant, with focus on accessories that was put together to an era long before my time, before the show ended I was already late for my own work and ran off.

What is obvious now after my looking through images taken with my camera yesterday is that either I upgrade and buy a new one asap or I steel someone else’s, my images from the show where completely blurry, even from the second row.

I’m jumping into my heels again any minute but a tip if you are online 2.15 pm UK time is to tune in and watch the Topshop Unique’s Live catwalk show today, I so wish I could but I’m busy at that time. Gotta run!

September 17, 2010


The Fashion Party is back in town and it’s time to absorb creativity at the highest level again, I will try to post as much as I can during this week and take lots of images for sure. The streets around my house will be crowded of fashionistas and inspirational people so right now I’m pretty happy with my location. As I have tickets for some shows and my own work to do as well it’s gonna be busy but oh so much fun. Gotta run!

September 16, 2010

Brick Red

Met up with Julie for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden, our regular place to meet up  for lunch once a week. I was so happy when they decided to open one in Covent Garden earlier this year since it’s been one of my favorite french bakeries for years. They have an excellent outdoor serving in the sun but I think it’s to cold for that, unless you wrap up in a warm coat.

Julie was sweet and enthusiastic as always and snapped a few images of me. I’m wearing knitted jumper Topshop Boutique, silk pants H&M, wedges Miu Miu, bag Biasa and my new lipstick from Burberry in Brick Red


In a previous post Back into my boots I wrote about these goodies from Acne that I couldn’t get out of my head and really wanted to try them on when I got back from my long trip. Well, I did and oh they are gorgeous, very comfortable as well, so I guess there was a reason I didn’t forget about them, it was meant to be and now they are mine.

Speaking of shoes I went to Selfridges today to have explore the Shoe Galleries, it was all complete today with 55 000 shoes from more than 150 brands on display. Each gallery is decorated in fabrics like velvet, glass, clay, steel, alabaster, silk, concrete and rubber. I decided to pop into the Vivienne Westwood Shoe Exhibition on the lower ground first and ran out of time, typical me. Another time then, I guess 55 000 shoes don’t fly out of the window.

Chocolate spin

I went to my hair stylist yesterday and colored my hair back into my natural tone, chocolate, I’m happy with the result but just need some time to get used to it. I fully enjoyed my hours getting pampered with prosciutto and parma cheese on the side and lounge music in the background in Sergio’s saloon. Met up with some of my girls Maggie and Kaz during the day and ended the evening with a late dinner at Chez Garard in Covent Garden.

I have plenty of things that needs to be done today cause tomorrow London Fashion Week starts, can’t wait!!!!

Wearing jeans Cheap Monday, jumper Topshop, bag Biasa, boots and blazer Acne

September 15, 2010

Burberry in a box

As was seen on my photos yesterday I was holding a cute little Burberry bag in my arms. Burberry launched their first make-up range Burberry Beauty in July this year and after I’ve heard so much positive about it I decided to give it a go. What I can say is that it is fantastic, the color palette is perfect for this season, so natural, easy to apply and on top it comes in beautiful small Burberry boxes with even the Burberry pattern on the lipstick. I got the Sheer Eye Shadow Rosewood No.09, Light Glow Blush Peony Blush No.04 and the perfect dark lipstick Lip Cover Brick Red No.19.

For those who don’t like to wear heavy make-up and prefer a fresh look I can hardly recommend it. There’s also a video below where you can watch for yourself and get convinced. The range is available in Harrods exclusively, in store and online.

Louboutin X Ladurée

You constantly have collaborations in the world of fashion, some of them a great match other’s not. The French shoe maestro Christian Louboutin has been busy the last year and given Barbie a makeover and now a new collaboration has been launched, King of French Patisserie Ladurée and Louboutin. Louboutin X Ladurée special edition macaroons are available in London at Ladurée Harrods and Burlington Arcade Gallery and comes in a box of 6 macaroons.

I love Laduree macaroons with or without Louboutins contribution, especially the liquorice or caramel ones and I’m sure that this collaboration won’t make them less tasteful. In fact there’s no waist here, eat the lovely macaroni’s and save the Louboutin box for jewellery or simply use it as decoration.

September 14, 2010


I got this gorgeous jacket/cape (it’s a hybrid) in cashmere and wool today at Cos, I’ve actually been on their waiting list since July for another cape that was featured in Vogue UK July but it’s still not in store. After some consideration I decided to go for this one instead. Can be worn casual with trousers and a blouse or just hanging on the shoulders on top of a LBD, chunky heels and dark red lips.

A warm welcome back

I found this old goodie of a bag from Franceso Biasa in my wardrobe, time to wear it again, the leather is so beautiful and even if it’s been worn a lot in the past it looks fantastic, it’s been lying there for years and right now I don’t understand why, there’s a story behind, it was the first bag I bought when I got my first job and graduated from school, I had saved for it a long time to celebrate my own mission completed and I will never forget that feeling when I bought it, my classmates at that time, all of them guys had heard about this bag I wanted so much for ages, I think they were happy on my behalf as well as their own when it was finally mine.

Had a quick run out on the town today to get some stuff that has been on my mind a long time. Interesting to observe that London is getting ready for Fashion Week that kicks off on Friday, H&M on Regent Street had made a catwalk with dummies to prepare for the big event in town and I noticed more stylish people in the streets. Met up with lovely Julie for a quick drink at Liberty and was completely surprised by the heavy rain when I headed home, thank god I brought an umbrella, without that both me and my goodies would have been even more soaked. I’ll show you what’s in there later when it has dried……

Knitted jumper from Topshop Boutique, leather shorts Topshop, boots Acne, bag Biasa, jewellery Efva Attling