August 20, 2010

Today’s outfit

Ran out for a quick late dinner to one of my favorite Thai places, they serve genuine Thai and some Lao dishes, which are one of the best things I can get served, Laab (Spicy Beef Salad)!!!

Blurry, blurry, dark images I know but that’s all I got. 

I’m wearing leather shorts Topshop, t-shirt & boots Acne and wool cardigan COS, I love the wide, slightly oversized shape of it and the quality is excellent.

August 19, 2010

Inevitable small things

Just started my blog and haven’t got everything sorted out yet on my site and I got plenty of other things to do but what is on my mind right now that simply can’t be delayed much longer is packing. Most blogger’s I’ve followed have at some point made a post about this theme but I won’t go much further than this cause for me right now it’s inevitable, I’m leaving soon for a 2 weeks trip, exactly where still not decided. Do I need to say it’s not my favorite thing to do, the packing I mean, as for the trip I’m so excited!!!! 

While I probably try to delay it a tiny bit longer please enjoy this video, Editor of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo teach you how to pack a suitcase (more like suitcases), like couture  sandwiches, you’ve probably seen it before but it’s worth seeing again. Enjoy!

August 18, 2010


As some people may know already I’m pretty loyal to Scandinavian brands, not only because I’m Norwegian myself but there are so many fantastic designers and talents up there which appeal to me through the simplicity, quality materials, and clean lines. Right now Stockholm Fashion Week is ongoing and I wish I was there, when I’ve looked through images from all the shows I’ll post about it.

Today’s outfit- simple, silky shorts from Topshop, jumper American Apparel, blazer Zara (which wasn’t needed at all in this temperature) and sandals Acne

The delivery man

Today I got a very welcoming knock on my door, a poor delivery man who was here on his 4 attempt to deliver a package for me. Am I the only person who always has difficulties when I’m expecting a delivery, why can’t these companies give you a more precise time slot instead of saying between 7am to 7pm which leads you to a prisoner in your own home on the day for something to arrive. Anyway I live on the 4th floor without elevator so I felt sorry for the guy climbing all those stairs several times. Despite this he was in good mood I got me in an even better one cause with him came this beautiful box from Matches and the content was not disappointing either.

A black blazer is not the most exciting thing but a very good base for any wardrobe, even more fun when it’s designed Acne and a bargain on sale. I’m thinking about removing the lining outside the hemline though, we’ll see.

Had a quick lunch with my lovely friend Julie, now some work to sort out and later on I’m heading to get something very special. A present from someone I’ve worked with, special made for me, simply cant wait to see it and feel it.
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August 17, 2010

Today’s outfit

Ended this day with a wonderful late dinner at a french restaurant Chez Gerard in Covent Garden where I used to be a regular, I might end up there again soon as they serve excellent snails and even though it’s quite a touristic place the atmosphere is cozy.

I’m wearing jumper from Next, cropped tights that doesn’t show, belt COS, shoes Whyred and bag Alexander Wang


I know it’s not the topic of this season but I’m going away again to the sun in a couple of days, this time to the far east. I’m feeling a bit spoiled with traveling this summer I have to admit.

A few times I really invested in beautiful bikinis believing it would have a longer lifetime than a cheap one, at least that was the excuse to myself and oh how wrong I was. They ended up in the same bad condition, totally loosing shape and fading color after being worn, just like less pricy alternatives, that might have to due to the fact that I’m not the one hanging by the pool zipping cocktails in heels and accessories cause I usually spend half my time in the water.

Now I never spend much on bikini’s, high street has so much to offer in that area and the good thing is that you can get several of them. I’m looking for a new one, not the best season for options though but I hope to find it. Since I’ve spent the summer this far in stripes, pastels and bright colors I’m so into the color scale of the fall, like the one from Topshop above. I do not dare to order it online so I’ve gotta hit the store right now…..

August 16, 2010

A girl is allowed to dream right?

Earlier this year, in April and May I was invited along with my good friend Kaz for several press days around in London. I was so excited about the next season’s outerwear, cape’s and coats in soft cashmere in beige and camel scales and the shearling aviator’s. Even if the spring hadn’t really started yet my mind was already on the next season despite there was a summer to be squeezed in between. And don’t get me wrong, I love the summertime but there’s something special with September month and the Fall/ Winter collections, a fresh start, blank sheets, like starting a new year in school, a clishé but oh so true.

I know I probably should be tired of this so obvious trend by now like many out there already are but how gorgeous isn’t Burberry Prorsum’s Fall collection, I love everything in it and for me the Aviator above all Aviator’s is the Reserve Shearling Aviator Jacket on the right above so beautiful!

Having that dream said out in the open reality brings me down to earth and I do have my feet well planted on the ground and not up in the sky. But if anyone by any chance get tired of theirs they are more than welcome to send it my way.

August 15, 2010

My first post!

Finally I decided to get my blog started. I’ve been reading others blogs for years and now, thanks to some inspiring, already well established bloggers who encouraged me to start my own. If I only knew the time it would take to design my site the way I wanted I wouldn’t have hesitated a moment to ask someone to do it for me, well, I didn’t and I’m not a web designer! Even if it’s not rocket science this probably tells you a little bit of who I am, quite persistence when I’m working on something but luckily for me and my surroundings this it not the only thing that describes me. I have many interests, fashion is among them, food, travel and beautiful things in life as well and this is what my blog’s gonna be about. 

So now when it’s up I want to have some fun, hopefully with great images, outfits, tips and inspiration for anyone out there and I would be so grateful if you wanna come along with me either if it’s because you find it inspiring or just simply because you know me and do it for supportive reasons (mum?) that’s great as well. If it’s the right format for you or not, you decide, but if you would be so kind to give me a little of your time and maybe feedback in one way or another, I hope not to disappoint. I already started a series of streetstyle images on facebook a while ago that some of you might have seen but here’s finally the forum I want to be in.

And there’s one more thing, my language, please don’t judge me too hard on it, English is not my mother language and even if I handle it well I sometimes get lost in translation of my own words and thoughts as if listening to my own thoughts in Norwegian isn’t confusing enough.

I had a late Sunday dinner in London’s China town today, practically outside my doorstep. Since I just got home from a one week off in Turkey under the sun and have huge problems admitting that 56 degrees down there does not equal 18 degrees in windy London I’m still wearing shorts.

After staring into every store I passed in Turkey for a leather hat I gave it up and the only bargain I left home with except fantastic memories was this silver ring, it’s gonna be perfect with the camel colors I’m gonna wear this coming season.

As for other things I’m wearing, knitted jumper from Monki, vintage Levi’s shorts, court shoes COS, watch Tagheuer and bag Alexander Wang