February 27, 2015

A note

Hedvig Opshaug 15.02.2015-1

Hedvig Opshaug 15.02.2015-2

Apologies for not posting on this space as often as I used too, I wish I could, but being a one-man show has it’s time limits, if only we had more hours…
With Fashion weeks running full up to speed right now I’m sure you got your feeds and news channels full anyway.

Sartorial wise I’m still holding on to some of my winter favourites combined with a few new season pieces, like this suede skirt by Tibi for instance. Sporting bare legs in February has become the new normal in London and I’m certainly not complaining.
Happy Weekend’ing!!

Suede skirt by Tibi, cashmere knit by Celine, leather biker by Balenciaga (also here and here), boots by Tabitha Simmons (also here), gold-snake-ring-necklace by Tom Wood, gold earrings by Melissa Joy Manning, bag by Gucci.

December 11, 2013


Isabel Marant Leather Sandals

Unless you’ve got a ticket to a warm place in hand, then sandals are the last thing you probably “need” this time of year living in the Northern Hemisphere. Since I’ve given up reasoning and listening to sense these newcomers in stores are my pick of the day! By Isabel Marant, yours for £280 and you’ll find them here.

October 1, 2013

Postcard from Paris

Paris Fashion Week insta photos-Hedvig Opshaug

My instagram photos

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Sorry for no post updates during my stay in Paris but there simply wasn’t enough time, if only days were longer. Now, I’m back in London and better roll up those sleeves with post-Paris-work, coming back soon!

March 5, 2013


As you may understand I find myself in a bubble at the moment and just want to cuddle with my little girl whom we just can’t get enough of. I will slowly start updating here more frequent again, but until then you’ll always find me on instagram @hedvigso.
Now, head out there and enjoy the rays, such a glorious day in London!

February 27, 2013


I just wanted to share with you that on Monday morning this week my beloved supergirl arrived, strong and healthy, a beautiful little miracle, and certainly the coolest and most amazing meeting ever in my life!
As for her name I’m having difficulties making a final decision (like always when I’ve options to choose from), but for now she’s my little supergirl!

January 3, 2013

Lets get started

A new year, new ideas and new routines. As I experienced both a hard drive crash and iphone robbery in 2012 I will from now on also back-up “bright ideas”, appointments and important contact details the old fashion way in my new cute notebook by Smythson, fingers crossed for a more well organised and less unlucky 2013!

November 23, 2012

A quilted set

November so far (luckily!) has not been too chilly in London, with temperatures around 10 degrees heavy winter gear and hats have hardly been needed, yeah! We all know that can change in the matter of seconds so I’ve been careful to enjoy lighter outfits whenever I could.

As you may have picked up I’m all in for comfortable dressing these days, and when I came across these 2 super soft quilted pieces with elastic waistline (hurra!) I got it on the spot. These are new favourites that I will wear as a one piece by just changing accessories and shoes, or worn as separates.
Now, I’m gonna snuggle up in the sofa in another cosy outfit, take a deep breath and wait for my homemade cantarella pie to finish in the oven, wishing you all a fabulous weekend wherever you are!

Skirt and jumper from Topshop Boutique, leather jacket by Vibe Johansson, different bracelets by Monica Vinader, watch by Michael Kors, boots by Isabel Marant and  bag by Proenza Schouler.

November 20, 2012

Oh Paris

Woop woop, I’m back in London after a few cosy days in Paris where I except from enjoying my favourite Laotian food and spending time with family and friends, soaked up the Christmassy feeling and installations at the department stores, tried on a trillion Valentino shoes, and ended up with this beautiful red carrier bag that made my eyes all teary, a true Valentino-princess-moment that I hope will last a looong time.

November 1, 2012

Block heels

Today’s shoes on my feet are these golden studded block heels by Tod’s, and little surprisingly(!) I’m totally sold on this granny-style shoe and worn them a lot lately. My friend Martha called them Margaret Thatcher -shoes, which I think sum them up pretty well.

August 3, 2012

Holy – day

Hectic morning and now heading for my flight, I’ll off course do some blogging after I’ve had some rest, you see I cant really sit still for long. Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and weekend!

July 27, 2012


Hi folks, sorry for my absence but among other things today I’ve gone through my wardrobe to make space for new things. I’ve added some pieces by Acne, Thakoon, and Isabel Marant to MY SHOP that I know some of you have been asking about, and also reduced prices on other stuff.

I’ll post an outfit post later on but first dinnertime, wishing you all a fab Friday eve!

February 24, 2012


It’s been a little hectic but soon I’ll be taking off to warmer degrees with a very summery packed suitcase leaving opaque tights and heavy coats at home, just hope I’m not being to optimistic. One thing that will come along with me is this cap by Miu Miu, hope to get a chance to use it.
Have a wonderful Friday and see you in Milan!

February 10, 2012


Image by Tommy Ton for Style.com

NYFW has kicked off and I wish I was there like last February and September. Instead I’ll be focusing on the European Fashion Weeks in the month ahead, can’t wait, love the buzz surrounding it. As for now I’ll be following all news updates and my favorite street style photographers who captures the moments the best, like this girl, love her slouchy casual silhouette, her peachy coat and pop scarf.

December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it, 2011 has soon come to an end, but I’m so grateful for the wonderful year it has been in every way!

I’m not really the-looking-back-type but rather like to look and think forward. 2012 looks very promising already on my behalf, there are things I cannot share with you yet, new opportunities, but I will in time and would love to bring you along.

For now I’m just about to head out in the London night with my mum but I wish you all dear readers a wonderful celebration and all the best for 2012, Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my dear readers, wishing you all a wonderful time!